Partition Walls - Light Walls Partitions System

The Light Partition Systtem that revolutionaizes the partition system. An exclusive proposal that expresses an identity increasingly focused on the context of Ani Conventional projects, available in any dimension.


  • Can be constructed on the basis of a simple camera shot
  • Customisable, easily redesigned.
  • Highly effective in terms of communication.
  • Adaptable to all needs, walls or ceilings.
  • Available in single-sided and double-sided versions and the two external coverings, if any, can be inserted on a single module.
  • Soundproofing mat can be fitted on the back.
  • Customisable, lightweight and UV-resistant fabrics. Stable, durable and fireproof, in accordance with EN 13170.
  • The high-power LED modules guarantee bright, even light with considerable cost and energy savings.