Qorontol Desk System


  • Desk Top: made of MDF wood, 28 mm thickness, covered by natural Veneer of "American Walnut" painted by special ovens. It is  possible to place a metal pad on the top, covered with high quality of leather The Edges are made of natural wood 1.5 mm thickness, painted by special ovens.
  • Structure: made of metal with 50*50 cm width, legs made of metal with 10 cm width, painted by special ovens. Desk beam made of woods covered with high quality of leather.
  • Side extension: made of MDF wood covered with natural veneer "American Walnut", the inside structure made of MDF covered with Melamine. It possible to produce the Extension from metal legs, while top made of MDF wood, 28 mm thickness covered with the natural Veneer similar to the desk top. 
  • Cable Management: special apertures are made to install cable management accessories.