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New perspective

for work place

a New perspective for work place

Corporate Interiors offers a diverse portfolio of unique solutions and capabilities through our divisions, providing our clients a single point of contact for a complete workplace solution.


Preparing drafts is our strength and discerning interiors are our passion. We will Conceive corporate interiors for you that will make your company unmistakable.

The inclusion of the corporate design (CD) in the office is the harmonious expression of a company’s qualities that can be experienced by the senses. “That’s us. We can do that. And only we are like that. We are unique.”

In a company it is the task of the CD to make the quality of the service tangible and to support it. The CD is the guiding principle of all discernible components of the Company. Thus all offices are directly perceivable components of the CD. But it also decisively influences the working atmosphere and helps staff to have a “we” feeling, contributing to motivation and identification with the company.

In spatial implementation we like to work with other people involved with the team to achieve a harmonious overall concept. We include already existing CD components in our planning and prepare both sub-areas, such as your reception area, and complete solutions for you.

Materials, colors, shapes, lighting, construction materials, and furniture – with no ties to manufacturers and suppliers we will develop an overall aesthetic concept that fits your company.

Because beside CD, sustainability is also a must for every company in the 21st century we therefore like to work with new technologies and materials. And because interior architecture does not just mean investment but also continues to live after realization, we also take life cycle costs (LCC) into account.


In a joint meeting we will explore your understanding of yourselves, your ideas and your targets while taking future developments into account too. So we don’t just implement your wishes, we advise and challenge you. This is necessary to make successful corporate interiors out of your offices that really reflects your corporate culture.


Draft and planning

Functionality is the basis for our overall aesthetic concept. Once the tasks have been Clarified a pre-draft can be developed. This is the discussion basis for the final draft.

2D-drawings (CAD), perspectives (3D-visualisations), sketches and material samples will help you envisage the result. Other professionals such as lighting planners or communications designers can also be integrated in the planning as required. The following applies to everyone involved in carrying out orders e.g. suppliers and tradesmen: after we get the tenders we’ll sit down together with you to make the choice together. Because we work without ties to manufacturers we only represent the client’s interests. Planning is made for the real project from the beginning. Once the overall draft has been decided on, work starts on the details. Lastly, detailed drawings and products specifications are produced.


Construction management and coordination

Mostly we work in the planning phases and then take over the artistic construction management to ensure that what comes out at the end of the project is what was planned at the beginning. We are the contact partner for the construction management and for coordination on the building site. At the end the construction work is accepted, a process done together with the construction management and you, the client.



Once the project has been successfully realized we will continue to be available to you. For any questions and issues that come up.